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Queen B Single Jam Jar Candle

Queen B Jam Jar candles must be used in the specific size of jam jar sold in the Jam Jar tealight pack.  No bigger.  No smaller.

Each tealight contains around 6,000 scales of wax made by bees... the work of around 1,000 bees in each tea light.

The perfect tealight to light up your dinner parties, eco wedding or sustainable event.

Queen B's 100% pure beeswax tealights burn without smoking.

To reuse the glass jars, simply flick out the metal sustainer and pop in a new tealight.  To clean the jars use hot, soapy water.

Burn time: 4 - 5 hours each.

Sold individually.

A beeswax candle is also said to be a natural ioniser when it is burning, purifying your air of dust, pollen, odours, toxins, mould and mildew whilst leaving a light, natural honey scent.

A Queen B beeswax candle made with 100% pure Australian beeswax and pure cotton wick will also always be a natural alternative to paraffin (a petrochemical by-product) and soy or palm wax (which are both hydrogenated oils).

NOTE: Tealight candles (ours or any others) are designed to be burned in a single sitting (it's a complex relationship between the size of the wick and the size of the candle and the wick needing enough time to burn out to the edge of the cup - to consume all of the wax - before it burns down to the base of the holder).  Please take this into account when using your jam jar tealights.

Proudly made in Australia.

Produced by Queen B.

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