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Cottage Industry Slouch Possum Beanie

Our much loved Cottage Industry Slouch Possum Beanie by Penelope Durston are back again this winter.

These beanies are small batch, made in Melbourne and hand dyed in Pene's kitchen at the back of her store, Cottage Industry.

A lot goes in to making these woolly treasures.

These beanies are made from possum down, silk and merino yarn spun in New Zealand. Possum fibre is hollow and has both lightweight and insulating.

These beanies are made from yarn with 20-40% possum* down content.

Penelope uses a Japanese lycra yarn to give the beanie stretch and return and they fit a wide range of head sizes.

As the colours are hand dyed they can vary slightly from batch to batch. 

*Possum down is harvested from culled feral possums. Since being introduced into New Zealand in the 1800s from Australia the possum has caused a huge amount of damage to the native floral and fauna of New Zealand, eating the eggs of ground laying birds and having no natural predators to keep them in check. the culling is backed by conservation groups.

Designed by craft queen, Penelope Durston.

Proudly made in Melbourne.

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