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My Italy Travel Essentials

For those who’ve asked, here is my 7kg pack list for our six week trip throughout Italy. To be able to move around easily during our six week abroad without lugging suitcases up and down stairs, off and on boats and trains, and in and out of cars, we made the decision to travel light and do carry on luggage only. Given that our destination is in the middle of summer I was happy to give it a go.

When flying out of Melbourne we left during the Australian winter.  I feel the cold when flying so my travel outfit included: thin Corduroy elastic waisted pants, my cosy Humphrey Law wool socks, a thin turtle neck long sleeve tee over a singlet, and my large scarf. I also took my fingerless gloves as it may be cold in the Northern Italian alps at the end our our trip, and they also kept me cosy when sleeping on the flight. Give me a set of ear plugs and a scarf to cover my head and I can sleep anywhere!

When we arrived in Singapore I took off my long sleeve top so I was wearing a singlet, and changed my footwear from sneakers to slides so I was cooler for the journey to our hotel. The only make up I traveled with was a light powder and lip gloss. I figured I could buy mascara in Italy if I felt like dressing up. I left my hair straightener at home. Most of our accomodation included a hair dryer if I really wanted to tidy my fringe. 

All items of clothing listed are cotton or linen, and lightweight. Here’s my list:

  • 30L backpack
  • 3 short dresses
  • 1 maxi dress
  • 1 jumpsuit
  • 1 pair of draw string shorts
  • 2 short sleeve tees
  • 1 thin long sleeve tee
  • 3 singlets
  • 2 bras
  • 6 undies
  • 4 pairs of ankle socks
  • 1 swimsuit
  • 1 thin cotton towel
  • 1 large thin cotton scarf that could double up as a sarong
  • 3 small cotton headscarves (easy way to deal with a curly fringe on a summer holiday)
  • 1 thin leather belt
  • 1 light rain jacket
  • 1 cotton drawstring bag for my dirty laundry 
  • 1 pair of white sneakers
  • 1 pair of leather sandies
  • 1 pair of waterproof slides
  • 1 cotton bucket hat
  • My favourite hair & body-care essentials decantered into 100ml bottles, including a natural mosquito repellent
  • Other skin care packed as is, if they were under 100ml
  • Small roll on fragrance
  • 1 60g tin of Dindi deodorant paste
  • Wooden comb, and a laundry soap bar
  • 1 Frank Green 475ml water bottle
  • 1 book and journal

After getting dressed in cosy layers for the flight the remainder added up to just under 7kg. We mostly booked accommodation that included a washing machine so we could wash semi regularly, or hand wash in between. 

I figured whatever I was missing I could buy during my travels, and if we end up doing some shopping  we were happy to check a bag in on our way home.

Pros: you don’t have to wait for your luggage at the airport, and moving around is more fluid.

Cons:  I was very reserved on buying goodies for the shop and for home that I would usually not hesitate to buy when travelling. That said, I was happy to skip shopping on this trip, the exchange rate hurt! Got a question about my packing? Feel free to email me at

Below are some of the wares I traveled with that are available from our store.