Trade Enquiries

We pride ourselves on offering fair retail pricing on the products in our range, therefore we don't have a lot of room to move on our pricing and we rarely offer discounts.

However, if you are looking at purchasing a high volume of products from within our range and you are a registered business within the interiors, building, design or hospitality industries and would like to enquire about a trade discount to purchase a high volume of items within our range, please submit the following information via email to

Trade Information Request:

  • The name of your company.
  • Your ABN number.
  • Your company website.
  • What date your company was registered.
  • The nature of your business.
  • Three examples of recent projects you have completed.
  • Three trade referees/references.

This information must be submitted in writing to consider your application.  

Trade applications are approved at the business owners discretion, please allow 2-5 business days for a response.