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Leif Limited Edition Gold Label: Boronia Hand Wash 1.5L

Leif Limited Edition Gold Label: Boronia Hand Wash 1.5L.

Limited Edition Gold Label introduces Boronia Hand Wash 1.5L in a rich, terracotta bottle. Graphics are presented in gold foil and the supersized form is neatly delivered in a white tube ready to gift. Blended with Oud and Nutgrass, our Boronia elixir is high in antioxidants and exudes an aroma of wood and spice. Available while stocks last.

Bottle Diameter: 11.5cm

Massage the cleanser into wet hands before rinsing thoroughly. A formula that is gentle enough for frequent use by hard-working hands.

Botanicals Note: BORONIA, high in antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties, Boronia helps to prevent skin damage and works as a natural sleep aid. NUTGRASS, a multi-use elixir, Nutgrass comforts and calms dry skin with its high Vitamin E content. OUD, a seductive and earthy aroma that instills a dep sense of peace and spiritual calm. PATCHOULI, a bushy, aromatic herb from the mint family which helps to relieve skin imperfections.

For cleansing: Cocamidopropyl Betaine – gentle surfactant sourced from Coconut Oil that degreases and emulsifies unwanted oils and dirt allowing them to be washed away, conditioning and softening the skin.

1500ml bottle with push dispenser. 
100% Vegan + Cruelty free. 

Made in Australia. 

Available while stocks last.

Photography and text courtesy of Leif Products.

Collections: Bath & Body

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