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Probiotic Soil Conditioner (500g) by Soil Revolution

Probiotic Soil Conditioner  by Soil Revolution.

Our Probiotic Soil Conditioner is made with our premium quality worm castings and locally-sourced biochar and is a 100% natural product. Every bag is bursting with a diverse population of beneficial microbes that create a living ecosystem in your soil or potting mix and help your plants to access and absorb essential nutrients.

Soil Revolution's probiotic soil conditioner is rich in organic matter which improves the physical structure, porosity and water holding capacity of your soil and helps your plants to grow and maintain healthy roots. It is also a balanced source of macro and micronutrients, and it contains organic acids and enzymes that strengthen your plant's natural defences against pests and diseases.

Bag Size: 500g

Please note, we do not ship this product to WA, NT or QLD.

Produced by Soil Revolution in Victoria.

Collections: Plant & Garden

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