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Self-Promotion Without Social Media

Self-Promotion Without Social Media by Tess McCabe.

Self-Promotion Without Social Media outlines how solo and small business owners from all industries can increase their visibility, attract clients and customers, and market their business without the daily grind of active social media promotion. "Self-Promotion Without Social Media" offers readers 32 ideas for self-promotion activities, with workbook- style prompts and suggested steps to take, to get them acting on those ideas right away.

Small business success requires visibility and connection with customers and clients. Social media platforms tout themselves as being an ideal platform to find both. But social media is a pay-to-play space, and without large budgets or very engaged audiences, connecting with ideal customers and clients is getting tougher.

The interactive workbook element sets Self-Promotion Without Social Media apart from other contemporary non-fiction business marketing books.

Format: Paperback, 140 Pages
Dimensions: 18cm x 23cm
Publisher: Creative Minds Publishing
Author: Tess McCabe
ISBN: 9780994627391

Collections: Books

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