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Southern Wild Co Candle 300g

Scented Candles by Southern Wild Co.

Southern Wild Co, work in partnership with Australian artists, makers and iconic bush poetry, they take inspiration from the Australian landscape to craft scented homewares that promote a sense of Australia, the beautiful place we call home.

  • Hand poured, Australian made candle
  • 300g 10oz soy wax blend
  • 100% cotton wicks
  • Fully recyclable glass
  • Approx. 70hr burn time

Bush Magic: A celebration of Australia’s natural beauty
Scent: Bush Cardamon / Eucalyptus / Australian Sandalwood
Artist: Into the Night, Julianne Ross Allcorn
Poem: On Australian Hills, Ada Cambridge

Hidden Vale Candle: Where shadows rest in deep gullies.
Scent: Mountain Air Accord / Wild Wood / Moss
Artist: Flame and Fade, Natasha Daniloff
Poem: On Australian Hills, Ada Cambridge

Ocean Isle Candle: A fresh and salty dive under the waves.
Scent: Citrus / Sea Salt / Sandalwood
Artist: The Southern Wake, Allira Henderson
Poem: Terra Australis, James McAuley

Our Place Candle: An Australian summer afternoon in the bush.
Scent: Sundried Paddocks / Bush Blossom
Artist: Kanimbla Valley No.3, Graham Gercken
Poem: My Country, Dorothea Mackellar

Sirens Candle: The beauty of a country garden.
Scent: Lemon Myrtle / Rose / Native Plumbush
Artist: Sirens of the Bush, Luisa Brimble
Quote: Love slowly like a ship full of flowers, Sidney Nolan 

Southern Sky Candle: A smoky tribute to the Milky Way.
Scent: Cinnamon / Amber / Oakmoss
Artist: Mountain Star Grazing, Oberon NSW, Liam Foster
Poem: A May Night on the Mountains, Henry Lawson

Sunshine Candle: Free-spirited, bright and uplifting.
Scent: Crushed pineapple / Coconut Cream / Amber Solaire
Artist: Rainbow Gold, Skye Llewellyn
Poem: By the Sea, George Essex Evans

Photography and text courtesy of Southern Wild Co. 


Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Before lighting trim the wick to 5mm if need be.

Keep your candle free of foreign material, including wick trimmings.

Do not burn candles near any flammable materials and always place your candle on a stable, heat resistant surface, away from draught and curtains.

Keep candle out of reach of children & pets.

Do not burn for more than 3 hours.   

Put your candle out when less than 1cm high and replace with a new candle.

Make sure candles are completely out before leaving a room. 

Do not fall asleep with candles burning.

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