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By My Hands by Florian Gadsby

By My Hands: A Potters Apprenticeship by Florian Gadsby.

A young ceramicist's journey from apprentice potter to celebrated craftsman.

Florian Gadsby has devoted his life to pottery, refining his technique towards the point of perfection - and as his skill has grown, so has his social media following, which today numbers in the millions. Based at a studio in North London, he releases three new collections per year, characterized by simple forms and sharp edges, which sell out in a matter of minutes.

In By My Hands, Florian tells the story of his artistic awakening, his education in England, Ireland and Japan, and of the sheer discipline which has led him to become the cultural sensation he is today. Arguing for the value in dedicating yourself to a craft, Florian weaves anecdotes about particular pots and processes into the narrative of his life, exploring what he has learnt from specific pieces he was taught to throw during his apprenticeships and how they have informed his philosophy and approach to his work.

By My Hands is an ode to the beauty of small things, such as a simple hand-thrown mug or bowl, which can brighten life's daily rituals and make them more meaningful - as well as an inspiring testament to the power of perseverance.

About the Author: Florian Gadsby is a ceramicist currently working in High Barnet, North London. He produces ranges of reduction fired functional pottery and sculptural objects that are refined, simple and carefully crafted. Alongside his physical work Florian has been documenting his pottery and apprenticeships online since 2014. He has more than two million followers across various platforms that have accumulated hundreds of millions views on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.


Format: Hardcover, Full Colour, 288 Pages
Dimensions: 25cm x 15.5cm
Publisher: Penguin UK

Collections: Books

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