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Casa Mondo Candle Fowlers Vintage Jar 20

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Casa Mondo's scented soy wax candles are made with a high quality pure soy wax which is triple-scented with ethically sourced pure essential fragrance oils, and hand poured in Melbourne.

Poured into antique jars that are over 50 years old and are one of a kind. Complete with the original clips and tops. Once you have finished burning your candle you can clean and reuse the jars for preserving or storage.

Please note, as our jars are vintage most of the lids are also vintage, which adds to the character of each one.

Vintage Jar 20 - 450ml = 80 + hours

Made in Melbourne.


Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Before lighting trim the wick to 5mm if need be.

Keep your candle free of foreign material, including wick trimmings.

Do not burn candles near any flammable materials and always place your candle on a stable, heat resistant surface, away from draught and curtains.

Keep candle out of reach of children & pets.

Do not burn for more than 2 hours.   

Put your candle out when less than 1cm high and replace with a new candle.

Make sure candles are completely out before leaving a room. 

Do not fall asleep with candles burning.

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