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Seed & Sprout Compostable Sponge with Scourer - Set of 2

 Compostable Sponge with Scourer - Set of 2 by Seed & Sprout.

An eco-friendly alternative to the plastic scourer is here. This double-sided Compostable Kitchen Sponge is the perfect sustainable substitute to the conventional plastic scourer.

The loofah layer is tough and strong making it great for scrubbing while the cellulose sponge side is perfect for foaming and absorbing moisture - what a dream team.

Your dishes will be squeaky clean without having to resort to plastic products. Did you know that conventional plastic scourers wash micro-plastics into the waterways?  Not a great outcome.

Every conventional scourer on the market is made from plastic, breaks down and washes micro plastics into the ocean, but not this one.

Instead these Scourers are:

- Fully vegan & plastic-free
- Suitable for kitchens and bathrooms
- Non-toxic
- Will not scratch non-stick and delicate surfaces

    At the end of its life, it can be added to your home compost.

    The Scourer is made from 100% Loofah, and the Sponge made from Plant Fibre Cellulose.

    Dimensions: 7cm x 11cm each.
    Sold as a set of 2 Compostable Kitchen Sponges with Scourer on reverse side.

    Rinse and squeeze after each use & at the end of its life you can pop it into your compost at home!

    Tip: if you'd like them to break down faster, pull them apart or cut them up.

    Produced by Seed & Sprout.

    Collections: ECO LIVING, Kitchen

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