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Cork in Architecture, Design, Fashion & Art

Cork in Architecture, Design, Fashion & Art by Guillaume Bounoure & Chloe Genevaux.

With sustainability at the forefront of every designer’s mind, the need for versatility in green product materials is more important than ever. Unwilling to sacrifice form for function, artists and architects alike are turning to unexpected resources to create the products and structures of our future.

This title showcases the fascinating ways cork can be incorporated in our lives.From practical solutions like providing insulation, to creative masterpieces like an open air cinema, cork has come a long way from being seen as a mere stopper for your favourite wine or bubbly. This book starts off with the life cycle of cork, and the refining techniques and craftsmanship used in the industry.

The authors then offer examples of the material being used in more eccentric and creative ways. With each chapter you’ll learn the history and process of transforming this raw material into everyday masterpieces, and get inspired by the playful projects within.

Format: Hardcover, Full Colour, 170 Pages
Dimensions: 19cm x 28cm
Authors:  Guillaume Bounoure & Chloe Genevaux 
Publisher: Gingko Press 
ISBN: 9783943330328

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