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Dawn Tan X Lluie Ocean Baby Swaddle

Dawn Tan  X Lluie Ocean Baby Swaddle.
We are so pleased to stock the baby swaddle collaboration with local artist Dawn Tan and Lluie.

This ocean themed baby swaddle features every child's favourite marine animals and is sure to last your baby up to toddlerhood with its multi-functional use.

Each swaddle wrap is made from 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton and is luxurious to touch.

Generously sized at 120cm by 120cm it is perfect for swaddling newborns and even up to 4 months old (our little one Esme still loves being swaddled at 4 months).

Use it also as a change table cover or bassinet cover and add that pop of colour to your nursery. It is amazing for use as a nursing or stroller cover (it is super breathable) and as a lightweight blanket for summer or an extra layered blanket for the cold unpredictable winter months.

Get an extended use from this swaddle wrap by using it as an educational picnic mat or take it along with you to the zoo or aquarium and let your toddler have loads of fun playing 'spot the animals'.

Original Watercolour Illustration by Dawn Tan ©

Machine washable.

Please note that every swaddle print cut off for each swaddle will be different and makes every piece one-of-a-kind and extra special.

Designed in Melbourne, Australia.


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