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EUROSCRUBBY Multi Coloured Cleaning Cloth

A household essential, the EUROSCRUBBY Multi Coloured cleaning cloth is environmentally friendly and safe for most surfaces, this cloth can be used in a variety of areas in your home.

Have one in the kitchen to clean your non stick pans, cook tops & stainless cookware. Another for the bathroom to clean your porcelain, marble, tiles & glass. Plus its the perfect cloth to use outdoors to clean garden tools, wooden or plastic furniture.

The Euro scrubby cloth is fully washable, dishwasher safe and because of its scrubbing ability no chemicals are required during its use.

Dimensions: W 16cm x D 0.5cm x H 12.5cm 
Made from cotton. 
Dishwasher safe. 
Made in Europe. 
Sold individually.

Produced by Euroscrubby.

Collections: ECO LIVING

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