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Father Rabbit Herb Scissors - Boxed Set Of 3

The Father Rabbit Herb Scissors come as a set of 3 different sizes boxed and made from carbon steel.

Carbon steel makes for a sharper & stronger cutting blade, though needs a little love to maintain its high performance. Keep blades oiled to prevent rust, sticking or tarnishing.

If rust occurs, clean with a copper cloth & something acidic - citrus juice or vinegar.

Father Rabbit doesn’t subscribe to some deeply intellectual philosophy, just an appreciation of simplicity. That things should be done right, or not at all. Ticking each job off. Finishing one, before starting the next. Those simple little things – individually they aren’t life changing, but the culmination of them together make your home at once a well presented, thoughtfully considered and pleasing place to be.

Material: Carbon Steel.

Scissor Sizes: (S) 125mm, (M) 160mm & (L) 190mm

Comes gift boxed.

Produced by Father Rabbit.



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