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Filtropa Filter Papers #4 - 100 Pack

Filtropa Filter Papers #4 - 100 Pack.

For use with brands such as the excellent Clever Dripper and other V-shaped drippers. The #4 size suits a range of 2-cup (and in the case of batch brewers, up to 8-Cup) apparatus.

The white (bleached) filters are high quality products manufactured from specially compound paper, completely free of taste and smell.

Filtropa filters are bonded without the use of any glues or chemicals so they are 100% natural and the paper stock is certified dioxin-free.

Filtropa uses an oxygen-based whitening process which produces a totally chlorine free bleached filter, the best you can get, approved by the International Food and Drug Administration and quality certified to a very high level.

Pack includes 100 filter papers.

Produced by Filtropa.

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