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Freedom Moses Slides Cactus Adults

Adult Slides in Cactus Green by Freedom Moses.

Freedom Moses Slides are the 365 day slides made from a new breed of plastic called PCU.

A superior grade of sustainable plastic injected with air and natural oils, a unique combination that creates a durable and ultra-comfortable new feel of walking.

Freedom Moses Slides are not just cool looking; they’re waterproof, washable, animal-friendly, smell of milk & honey & are so comfortable you’ll wear them in winter with socks.

Lightweight, durable and sustainable.

100% Vegan

These slides are flexiable yet supportive, designed to feel like a hug for your feet. Made from a single mould Freedom Moses slides are wasable, durable and made to last. 

Anti Slip: flexible PCU with a great grip & fixed buckles
Infused: infused with artificial oils to smell as milk & honey
Support: moulded footbed
Light: injected with air
Vegan: 100% Vegan & cruelty free

Available in KIDS and ADULT sizes in a variety of colours.

US W 4/5                          34/35 Euro    "8.5 Inches
US W 5/6                          35/36 Euro    "8.7 Inches
US W 6/7                          36/37 Euro    "9.01 Inches
US W 7/8                          37/38 Euro    "9.25 Inches
US W 8/9                          38/39 Euro    "9.49 Inches
US W 9/10                        39/40 Euro    "9.6 Inches
US W 10/10.5  - M 8/9      40/41 Euro    "10 Inches
US W 10.5/11  - M 9         41/42 Euro    "10.4 Inches
US W 11/12  - M 9/10       42/43 Euro    "10.6 Inches
US M 11                            43/44 Euro    "11 Inches

Freedom Moses Cool, colorful, genderless, ageless, timeless and most importantly- fun.

Photography and text courtesy of Freedom Moses.

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