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Gilly's Lemon Chipping Board Oil 250ml

Gilly's Lemon Chipping Board Oil 250ml.

Rejuvenate and protect your chopping boards with our trio of citrus-based Chopping Board Oils. Easy to use, these oils have a delightful fragrance and are both 100% natural and food safe. Prevents cracking/splitting. 

Surface Preparation: Ensure the chopping board is clean and dry before application.

How to Apply

  1. Simply brush or wipe on with a clean, lint-free cloth. 
  2. Wipe away any excess. 
  3. For a richer feed, apply slightly more heavily and leave overnight. Wipe away any excess.

Dry Time: 10 - 30 minutes depending on ambient temperature.

Maintenance: Re-apply as the timber becomes dry/dull.

Clean Up: Warm, soapy water.

Produced in WA by Gilly's Australia.

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