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Knots That Simplify Your Life by Miki Anagrius

Knots That Simplify Your Life by Miki Anagrius.

In this title, author Miki Anagrius shows how a basic understanding of knots is a useful, fun, and attractive skill not just in boating, but in everyday life.

Through beautifully shot illustrations you’ll learn how to use knots to store, organise, and link various objects, as well as hang and carry items. The possibilities are endless: tie a shoelace knot that never loosens but is easy to undo; adjust the height of lamps and flowerpots suspended from the ceiling; bunch up newspapers bound for the recycling; bind your roast and herbs in the kitchen; suspend your bicycle from the ceiling; restrain overly eager pets.

With a dose of competence at knots, many problems can be solved in an attractive and practical manner. This book also provides information on the different types of rope, knots, and string, how to stop bits of rope from fraying, and how to connect different lengths of rope and make practical loops.

Format: Hardcover, Full Colour, 144 Pages
Dimensions:  17cm × 22.5cm
Publisher: Gingko Press 
ISBN: 9783943330250

Collections: Books

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