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LIND DNA Curved Coaster 11cm x 13cm

LIND DNA Curved Coaster - Glass Mat.

How do you protect the environment and make your home even more beautiful? By going sustainable.

LIND DNA turn scrap leather from the furniture and fashion industries into exclusive lifestyle and interior designs. Their vision is to create designs that respect and challenge Danish design traditions.

The LIND DNA range is a made from a composite material, which is a mix of recycled rubber and leather.  They are durable and long lasting.  Buy once, buy smart.

Our LIND DNA Glass Coasters are curved in shape, and measure 11cm x 13cm.  

Wipe clean with a warm damp soapy cloth, or use a surface spray.  Allow to dry before you store the pieces stacked together.

Sold Individually. 
Made in Denmark by LIND DNA.

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