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Merry People Care Kit

Rubber Boot Care Kit by Merry People.

The Merry People Care Kit contains all you need to maintain, nourish, protect and prolong the life of your rubber boots.

With proper maintenance and care you can ensure your boots look as good as new for years to come. 

    Using silicone-based rubber boot treatments like in the Merry People Care Kit will protect your boots and keep the natural rubber moisturised, helping avoid cracks and keep your boots merrier for longer!

    Cleaning your boots regularly will also help prolong their life. We recommend using a mild detergent (dishwashing liquid works well) to remove any marks from the rubber or neoprene. If you leave excess dirt on your boots, it can dry out the rubber or fade the rubber colour over time. 

    Care Kit includes:

    1. Rubber Boot Treatment - 150ml silicone based spray formula that moisturises and nourishes you boots keeping them merrier for longer.

    2. Buff & Shine Applicator - 3ml silicone oil sponge for extra shine and protection.

    3. Microfibre Cloth - soft cloth to clean and shine your boots.

    Cleaning Instructions:

    Step 1: CLEAN

    Wipe off any excess dirt or debris with a damp cloth and allow to dry. If needed, use some mild detergent and and repeat the process as required.

    Step 2: TREAT

    Shake the rubber boot treatment bottle well and insert the spray nozzle. Spray a few times on the microfibre cloth and apply evenly to the boot upper in a circular motion. Repeat for the other boot and allow to dry completely.

    Step 3: SHINE

    For extra shine and protection, gently rub the Buff & Shine sponge in a circular motion over you Merry People boots until a thin coat is evenly applied and allow to dry.

    Photography and text courtesy of Merry People.

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