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My Body Created A Human

My Body Created A Human, A Love Story by Emma Ahlqvist.

Emma Ahlqvist’s graphic memoir about the birth and early moments of raising her first child is a wry and resonant portrayal of both the challenges and excitement of pregnancy, birth and embracing the experience of motherhood. Told through black-and-white drawings and short, frank captions, this title portrays the stress and joys of parenthood – without the rose-colored glasses – and invites laughter, empathic nods, and exclamations of 'You too?'

Ahlqvist considers everything from lactation woes to anxieties about late-stage capitalism and global warming, with drawings centred on the gendered division of labour, her efforts to maintain a professional and artistic life after having a baby and the genuine rewards of bringing a child into the world.

Organised into thematic chapters like 'Postpartum' and 'A Mother and an Artist', Ahlqvist’s drawings can be enjoyed all at once, or browsed and savoured during late-night and early morning wake-ups.

Format: Hardcopy, 240 pages
Dimensions: 13cm x 18cm
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press 
ISBN: 9781648961557

Collections: Baby & Child, Books

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