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Opinel Oyster Knife No.9

Opinel Oyster Knife No.9.

For the fishermen at heart and lovers oysters and shellfish, this knife has a stainless steel blade and robust wood handle.

The blade is pointed to easily open oysters and other shellfish without damaging them.

The Virobloc safely system locks the blade open or closed. The varnished handle gives a good grip for the rotary and up and down movements.

From head to tail the knife measures 18cm. The blade itself measures 6.5cm. 

Method for opening cupped oysters: 

Never use force; oysters must be opened gently !

1/ Brush the oysters clean under a trickle of cold water.

2/ Hold the oyster in the left hand with the rounded side facing downwards and the hinge towards you (if you are left handed, hold the oyster in the right hand with the rounded side facing downwards and the hinge towards your fingers)

3/ Hold the knife firmly, placing your fingers well forward of the blade. The tip must extend 1 or 2 cm between the thumb and first finger.

4/ Two thirds of the way along the slit (starting from the hinge), insert the knife tip gently, rotating the oyster slightly against the knife, not the reverse.

5/ Insert the blade and cut the muscle

6/ Slide the knife along the slit until the hinge, raising and detaching the upper shell.


OPINEL have been manufacturing quality knives in France since 1890.

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