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Flat Pastry Brush w Wood Handle

Flat Pastry Brush with Wood Handle by Keller Bursten.

Our flat pastry brush has a handle made from untreated beech wood and the brush is made of natural bristles.

This item is useful for a variety of kitchen purposes such as glazing, basting, spreading sauces and even for delicious candy making.  

The natural boar bristles hold the liquid properly and smoothly spread it on the pastry, candy or cake surface.

The bristles are smooth and tightly packed.

Hand wash to clean, do not leave soaking in water for an extended period of time.

Available in two sizes, sizes are the width of the head.

Made in Germany by Keller Bursten.

One of the leading European manufacturers of fine brushes for 150 years, Bürstenfabrik Keller GmbH offers its customers first-rate products and quality and still made in Germany.

Photography and text courtesy of Heaven In Earth.

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