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Plumm Outdoor RED/WHITE Polycarbonate w Stem - Set of 4

Our Plumm Outdoor Polycarbonate RED/WHITE w Stem are designed for any wine, Red or White.  And they are great for outdoor spritzers and cocktails too.

The perfect all rounder, REDorWHITE is inspired by international tasting glasses and is suitable for all red and white wines.

These glasses are equally great to use at home holding wine + cocktails, spirits, beer, water or anything – you choose!  Great for picnics, BBQ's, poolside, on a boat, or inside.

They look and behave like real glass, with the added bonus of being unbreakable*.

Dishwasher safe, and won't cloud or crack.

Sold as a boxed set of 4.

Height 200mm.

Volume 463mm.

Wine not included.

*There is no warranty for stupidity ie. driving over a wine glass or standing on a glass to test how strong it really is:) ... 

Our claim of “unbreakable” is:

  • Won’t crack or chip like glass OR inferior plastic glasses

  • Won’t melt or warp in the dishwasher like inferior plastic glasses

  • Won’t cloud over or go yellow after continued dishwasher use like inferior plastic glasses

  • Won’t break if dropped from a reasonable height like crystal glass (falling from a table, or slipping from your hand)

Produced by Plumm Australia.


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