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Sands Made Cheese Paddle No.5

The Sands Made Cheese Paddle No.5 is designed for use as both a serving board and cutting board.

The width and length of this cheese paddle shows off the dramatic white oak grain, each board has its own style. Proud cheese board owners often send us pictures documenting the gentle ageing of the wood over time.

While many owners treat their Cheese Paddles very gently, the materials used in these cheese boards can withstand a lot of wear and tear. We encourage owners to use their cheese boards as everyday chopping boards as well as handy serving trays.

Marine grade stainless steel hole for easy storage on hooks.

Knife-friendly surface. No accelerated knife dulling.

Tough, long lasting surface, not easily scratched or damaged. Easily chop, cut, slice, cube, dice, hash and more.

Sustainably sourced timbers.

Naturally anti-bacterial surface.

Dimensions: 550 x 250 x 17 mm
Finish: Organic Coconut Oil
Material: Smoked Oak / White Oak

Over time this board will age gracefully.

Food & props not included.

We recommend using Gilly Stephenson's Orange Oil to clean and nourish the timber from time to time.

Sands Made is a product design workshop based in Victoria, Australia, founded in 2011 by Robbie Sands. All of their products are designed in Melbourne, Australia and carefully handmade by a team of skilled local and international craftspeople. They produce the highest quality, environmentally friendly and easy-to-use products for the home and kitchen.

Produced by Sands Made.

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