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Wandering With Intent: Essays by Kim Mahood

Wandering With Intent: Essays by Kim Mahood.

Award-winning artist and writer Kim Mahood invites us to accompany her into the remote places of Australia where she is engaged in long-established collaborations of storytelling and placemaking.

Celebrated as one of the few Australian writers who can articulate the tensions that arise in the spaces between Aboriginal and settler Australia, Mahood writes passionately and eloquently about the things that capture her senses and demand her attention — art, country, people and writing. Her compelling evocation of desert landscapes and tender, wry observations of cross-cultural relationships describe people, places, and ways of living that are familiar to her but still strange to most non-Indigenous Australians.

At once a testament to personal freedom and a powerful argument for Indigenous self-determination, Wandering with Intent demonstrates, with candour, humour, and hope, how necessary and precious it is for each of us to choose how to live.

Format: Paperback, Full Colour, 320 Pages
Dimensions: 23cm x 15cm
Publisher: Scribe 
Author: Kim Mahood

Collections: Books

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