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Who Invented This? Smart People & Their Bright Ideas

Who Invented This? Smart People & Their Bright Ideas by Anne Ameri-Siemens.

Who invented the car, the light bulb, or the jeans you are wearing right now? The things that surround us didn’t just appear out of nowhere, they were conceived by talented inventors, scientists, and engineers.

While some creations were the result of team-work and a long time in the lab, others happened by accident. Who Invented This? is a visual journey for children that shows how groundbreaking masters from the past connect with modern technology, culture and medicine.

Format: Hardcover, Full Colour,  Pages
Dimensions: 26cm x 21cm
Author: Anne Ameri-Siemens.
Illustrator: Becky Thorns
Publisher: Die Gestalten Verlag
ISBN: 9783899551334

Collections: Books

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