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Wildlife Garden Handcrafted Animal Hooks

Each Wildlife Garden Handcrafted Animal Hook has been hand carved, individually brush-painted and unique.

Your favourite animals become functional decorations for the hallway, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, shed, stable or barn.

Wildlife Garden aims to produce products that will bring out a living garden with design and development that focus on genuinely Swedish design, namely high quality and professional handicrafts.

Dog: 6.4cm D x 5.8cm W x 9.8cm L
Duck: 6.7cm D x 3.9cm W x 12.3cm L
Horse: 6.1cm D x 3.9cm W x 13cm L
Kangaroo: 5.2cm D x 5.3cm W x 12.9cm L
Koala: 6.1cm D x 5.4cm W x 12cm L
Kookaburra: 4.5cm D x 5.8cm W x 11.5cm L
Mountain Hare: 10.3cm D x 9cm W x 18.5cm L
Platypus: 7.3cm D x 4.9cm W x 10.5cm L
Red Deer: 11.3cm D x 9cm W x 18.5cm L
Red Fox: 5.7cm D x 5.5cm W x 12cm L
Rooster: 5.5cm D x 5cm W x 14.5cm L
Wombat: 5.3cm D x 5.3cm W x 11cm L
Zebra: 6.5 D x 4.3cm W x 12.1cm L

Hand Carved and painted. 
Sold individually. 
Each hook comes with a gift box. 
Produced by Wildlife Garden.

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