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You Call It Desert - We Used To live There

You Call It Desert - We Used To live There: For several years, English woman Pat Lowe shared a camp with her lifetime partner, Walmajarri man Jimmy Pike. Their camp faced south into the Great Sandy Desert where Jimmy was born. While spending time in the red heart of country that had been home to the Walmajarri people for thousands of years, they recorded Pike’s stories through his painting and Lowe’s writing. With Jimmy Pike as her teacher, Pat Lowe explored the day-to-day lives of the desert dwellers.

  • Author:Jimmy Pike, Pat Lowe
  • Illustrator:No
  • Published:Dec 2009
  • Size:270 x 210 mm
  • Pages:168
  • ISBN:9781921248115
  • Ages:Adult
  • Format:Paperback


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