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Clever Coffee Dripper Large

Clever Coffee Dripper in Large.

The Clever Dripper follows the Direct Immersion Brewing method producing an extremely rich extract of coffee easily and effortlessly.

One of the simplest, most reliable coffee brewers out there. It’s easy to use, brews delicious coffee, is a breeze to clean, and is nearly indestructible.

It’s perfect for newcomers looking for a brewer as well as coffee enthusiasts who love an easy-made cup of delicious coffee.

Clever Coffee Dripper Basic Instructions:

1. Insert a filter paper in the Clever Dripper and rinse it with boiling water.

2. Place coffee grounds and fill with slightly cooled boiling water in the brewer close the lid and brew for 3-4 minutes.

3. Then place the dripper on top of your cup and let gravity pull the coffee down.

4. Lift the clever Dripper off the cup and the flow stops instantly.

Cleanup is a breeze. When you’re finished, just drop the filter and grounds into your garbage or compost and give the dripper a quick rinse and scrub.

The brewer is made with food grade BPA-Free Eastman Tritan plastic that’s extremely durable and lightweight. Take it traveling or leave it at home - it’ll serve you for years to come.

Filters sold separately and we stock, Filtropa Filter Papers #4 - 100 Pack.

Photographic props not included.

Produced by E.K. INT'L Co.



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