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Munash Organics Renew Liquid Fertiliser 250ml

Munash Organics Renew Liquid Fertiliser 250ml.

Munash Renew is a foliar application designed to deliver vital minerals and elements directly to the plant surface.

Renew can also be applied to the soil and growing mediums in which your produce grows.

Why use Munash Renew?

– Is a top source of food for the plant
– Keeping a balance in plants
– Protect it from disease and bacterial fungus
– Keeping healthier plants means it can utilise the minerals from Munash Rockdust and the soil
– Plants are less dehydrated
– Improves the quality, structure and vigour of the plant

100% Natural, organic and chemical free. Safe around children and pets.

The minerals from the sea help the plants to connect to the minerals of the earth.

Liquid minerals are absorbed quickly which helps the plants become stronger to pests and disease, and they can tolerate frosts and harsh changes to the climate better.

Munash Renew is a mineral liquid fertiliser made from the Southern Ocean Sea water containing trace elements and minerals which your plants love.

Think of Renew like your favourite moisturiser – fresh, shiny leaves are to plants as healthy, glowing skin is to people!

Directions – ½ capful in a watering can or a dash in a spray bottle. Add Munash Renew to your foliage / seedlings / or soak your seeds overnight before you plant them.

Proudly Australian made by Munash Organics.


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